When I played Trace on Cool Math Games, I learned that being patient and thinking creatively are important. By carefully looking at clues and trying different things, I figured out the puzzles and made progress. Remember, taking your time and trying new ideas can help you beat Trace.

For, How To solve Trace on Cool Math Games, explore each room, gather clues, and solve puzzles by clicking on objects. Patience and creativity are key to progress through the challenges and ultimately escape to victory.

Dive into a world of excitement with just a click, where each tap leads to thrilling discoveries.

What is Trace on Cool Math Games? – Explore With Me!

Trace on Cool Math Games is an online escape room game where players find themselves trapped in unfamiliar locations and must figure out how to escape. 

It’s like being stuck in a virtual puzzle box, where you need to gather items, solve puzzles, and uncover clues to progress. 

It’s all about using your brainpower to crack codes, unlock doors, and ultimately find your way out to freedom.

When to Use Items and Solve Puzzles in Trace? – Explore Item Solutions!

In Trace, you should use items and solve puzzles whenever you encounter obstacles or challenges. Each room presents unique puzzles and tasks that require careful observation and problem-solving skills. 

As you explore, keep an eye out for clues and items that can help you progress. Use your inventory items wisely, combining them when necessary and interacting with the environment to uncover hidden clues. 

Remember to take notes and photos to help you remember important information and solve puzzles later on. By using items and solving puzzles strategically, you’ll be able to navigate through Trace and ultimately escape from each room.

How To Solve Trace On Cool Math Games to Escape the First Room?

To escape the first room in Trace, start by carefully examining your surroundings for hidden clues. Grab the half-pair of scissors from the sink, then unlock the safe behind the picture frame by entering the code “5472”. 

Inside the safe, you’ll find a crucial lightbulb. Place it inside a pumpkin in the cabinet to the left of the toilet. Next, locate the red tile with a key in the cabinet below the sink, and use it to access a sliding puzzle on the bathroom door. 

Rearrange the puzzle pieces to unlock the door and exit the room. With these steps completed, you’ll be ready to tackle the next challenges in Trace.

How To Solve Trace On Cool Math Games to Navigate Through the House?

Navigating through the house in Trace means exploring every room carefully and solving puzzles smartly. Start by looking around each room and clicking on things to see what you find. Collect items like scissors, metal stars, and batteries as you go—they’ll help you later. 

Pay attention to any clues you spot, they’ll give you hints on what to do next. Use the items you’ve collected to solve puzzles. 

For example, you might need to use a tin horse on a picture to solve a maze. Keep solving puzzles to unlock new parts of the house and discover more secrets hidden in Trace.

How To Solve Trace On Cool Math Games in the Patio Area of Trace? – Let’s Know!

When you get to the patio in Trace, there are more puzzles waiting for you. Let’s break it down:

1. Finding Stuff:

Start by searching the patio for things you can use. Look for stuff like the vampire figure and metal stars. Pick them up because they might help later.

2. Putting the Cubes in Order:

Arrange black cubes in a certain way. Put them from left to right: hanging, tall pot, tall plant, and painting. Press the red button after you set them up right to get a reward, like another metal star.

3. Solving the Puzzle Pieces:

Hunt around for six jigsaw puzzle pieces in the patio. Put them together to finish the puzzle. If you’re missing a piece, you might have to go back inside to find it. Finishing the puzzle shows a submarine, which you need next.

4. Figuring Out the Heart Puzzle:

Use a utility knife to open the couch’s side, revealing a puzzle with black and red hearts. Put batteries in the lamp to show arrows on the hearts. Move the black hearts the right way and click the button. That reveals a puzzle piece and a submarine for the fish tank.

5. Using the Computer:

Use the submarine to access the computer. Put in the code “26336 6161” from earlier puzzles. This unlocks more hints to help you keep going.

By following these steps and using what you find, you’ll be closer to escaping the patio in Trace.

How To Solve Trace On Cool Math Games to Tackle the Last Part of Trace? – Unlock Trace’s Finale!

Solving the Final Challenges

In the last part of Trace on Cool Math Games, you’ll face tough puzzles. Here’s how to tackle them:

Step 1: Using the Screwdriver

Use the screwdriver under the fan’s shelf. It shows symbols for a password.

Step 2: Unlocking Mathemagic

Open the Tower program on the computer. Then, unlock the Mathemagic program.

Step 3: Cracking the Safe

Decode the safe with the novel inside. Remember the planets and the launch year, 2793.

Step 4: Inputting Year

Screenshot the machine’s image after inputting the launch year.

Step 5: Opening the Pyramid

Press the triangle points on the pyramid based on your screenshot.

Step 6: Accessing Freedom

Use the key from the pyramid and the pentagon key to open the toilet lid. You’ll find a tunnel to freedom.

Follow these steps to beat the final challenges and escape Trace!


1. How do I play Trace?

To play Trace, you click on objects to interact with them and solve puzzles to progress through the game. You can also use items in your inventory to help solve challenges.

2. How long does it take to complete Trace?

The time it takes to complete Trace varies depending on the player’s skill level and familiarity with escape room games. On average, it may take a few hours to finish.

3. Can I play Trace on my mobile device?

Unfortunately, Trace is only available as a browser-based game and may not be optimized for mobile devices.

4. I’m stuck on a puzzle in Trace. What should I do?

If you’re stuck on a puzzle, try examining your surroundings carefully for clues. You can also consult online walkthroughs or ask for hints from other players.


For, How To solve Trace on Cool Math Games, explore each room, solve puzzles, and use hints if needed. With patience and creativity, you’ll crack the challenges and escape to victory.